Como vuesas mercedes dicen. no me llamase tambien borracho. -Si llama -dijo don Jeronimo-. pero no me acuerdo en que manera. aunque se que son malsonantes las razones.
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06. stycznia 2010 10:15:00

He's okey, I guess. Just kind of resting. We went over to a big Cadillac and the man in the smock pulled the rear door open. On the wide back seat, loosely arranged, covered to the chin with a plaid robe, a man lay snoring with his mouth open. He seemed to be a big blond man who would hold a lot of liquor.
It was the old man who asked, “What about hydroponics? Surely, for such a world as Trantor, hydroponics would be the answer. Senter shook his head slowly. His knowledge was the unfamiliar matter of the books he had read, “Artificial fanning in chemicals, I think? No, not on Trantor. This hydroponics requires a world of industy—for instance, a great chemical industry. And in war or disaster, when industry breaks down, the people starve.

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